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Wealth planning and looking after the financial stability of the ones we love varies from person to person. That is why we take full advantage of the global markets to dramatically increase your options. 

From buying property and moving country to saving for your children’s education fees and yielding greater returns on international stock markets - contact Scott for a free, no obligation consultation.

1. International Investments and Foreign Exchange

There are various advantages to investing and saving overseas. 
Given the breadth of investment opportunities available to you, a well-diversified and growing portfolio is the least you can expect. As an ex-pat, you can also take advantage of the tax relief offered by some countries, as well as being able to save in a currency of your choosing.

Contributions can be made towards the plans in a custom-made way, meaning that they will always fit your lifestyle and your budget.

We will work with you to put together a savings plan that will get you the best returns on your assets.

2. Education Fee Planning

The decision as to whether or not your children can move up and progress onto higher education should be down to ability, determination and choice, rather than them being held back by financial restrictions.

With education costs on the rise planning out your financial journey is more crucial than it ever has been. The sooner you start planning, the more you can guarantee your children will receive one of the greatest gifts of all – an education.

We offer advice on a variety of saving solutions to suit your own circumstances and to reach your financial goals.

3. Property Investment Made Simple

If you’re looking for efficient property investment then our elite property specialists can oversee everything from conducting due diligence, finding a tenant and even managing the property for you. This includes letting and maintaining upkeep of the said property even after your initial investment.

Not only that but our partnership with IP Global means you’ll have exclusive access to some of the UK’s most desirable up and coming properties on the market.

Property Investment Services Overview

The services we offer include:

Exclusive access to up and coming projects across the UK
Conducting due diligence on property
Finding a tenant
Mortgage pre-approval; Ascertaining what types of mortgage are right for you, free of charge
A Solicitor that specialises in off-plan conveyancing for expats and international clients
Monthly site visits, providing you with regular updates of progress made on development
Continued maintenance management of property.
Helping you obtain a mortgage through our network of brokers and their exclusive relationships with some of the UK’s leading lenders.
Expert tax advice and insurance for guaranteed rental income
Overseeing property’s resale

4. Foreign Exchange

Our foreign exchange service allows you to trade the major world currencies, and to make international payments in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

This service is perfect if you are on the move, and need to make quick transfers from one currency to another.

Should you need to make an international transfer, our team of professional and experienced FX Traders are on hand to ensure that you have access to the full range of bespoke FX solutions we offer, and have top level commercial exchange rates at your disposal.

Key benefits include:

Foreign Exchange Key Benefits

Better Exchange Rates

Exchange rates up to 5% better than those offered by major banks

Free international payments

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5. Bespoke tax advice and legal services, wherever you choose to live in the world.

If you need assistance in bringing your tax filing obligations up-to-date to ensure they are compliant with the law then we can help.

We also have specialist expertise in international, cross-border taxation. We offer expert advice on everything from tax residency and international tax planning to capital gains tax and domicile status.

Bespoke Tax Advice

Some of our most popular services include:

Ensure that your loved ones are taken care of by making sure your estate and assets are distributed in a way that corresponds to your wishes.

if you are a UK citizen living abroad, your country of residency at the time of death may impact the transfer of your assets and estate in the UK. Therefore, although you are not required to make a will by law, it is the best way to decide what happens to your assets after your death.

By taking time to set out your will with a financial adviser, you can decide how your assets are allocated should the unexpected happen.
Working together with some of the top UK law firms, we provide you with comprehensive advice and assistance on UK inheritance tax planning to potentially mitigate the effects of UK inheritance tax wherever your residence may be.

We offer assistance on trust planning to ensure that your wealth and assets are protected depending on your circumstances and to ensure on death assets pass to your desired beneficiaries.
Powers of Attorney can be drafted, giving you peace of mind that should you become incapacitated and needing help making financial decisions, that your loved ones have the authority to sign documents on your behalf.


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